Sebastien Duc is a Forward Deployed Software Engineer working for Palantir Technologies. He is passionate for creating new things which involve software and data. In his continuous quest to having a positive impact in the world, he decided to join Palantir to work with industry leaders helping them transform the way they do business. Mainly focusing on Financial, Pharmaceutical institutions, he is leveraging data to improve critical workflows and solve some of the hardest problems.

Previous to work for Palantir, Sebastien Duc worked at Qualcomm in their Security team as well as two startups: Yoti and Inpher.

He graduated from EPFL in Communication Systems, specializing in Information Security.

You can find his latest GPG key here. His resume is available here.

Throughout different internships and jobs, he lived in a few different places. From Lausanne where he grew up and studied, to South Korea for a summer internship. Followed by San Diego, CA for yet another internship. He then moved to the United Kingdom mostly hanging out in London area for a few years. While theoretically working and living in London he temporarily lived and worked in Zurich follwed by Paris. Recently, he moved to New York City to explore what The Big Apple has to offer.